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After spending many years away from farming, that low-lying, burning itch to return got the better of Harold Wass who, together with his wife Helen and with the support of his children, purchased a farm in East Perenjori.   Many people told him that he would not succeed in such a harsh area of Western Australia, so of course he set out to prove them wrong and the search began for a breed that would thrive in the tough conditions.

By means of thorough research Harold decided the Dohne was the right breed for the job and purchased his first ram in 2004.  


Harold is focused on excellence in both meat and wool production and, as part of the drive to produce a better sheep, the entire property moved to be cease mulesing in 2007. 


Harold can often be found simply watching his flock drink, feed and interact. Simply put, he is a passionate sheep man who wants only the best for his flock with regard to not only well-being, but also the quality of wool and meat they are able to produce.


Harold Park relocated to Coorow in 2014, where Dohnes are run as both the stud flock and the commercial flock breed. There is no processed or hand feeding except when animal welfare is at risk due to drought. Running sheep in this way ensures tough, durable genetics which are able to thrive in the drier farming areas. 

An additional farm was purchased in Mayanup in 2016 and half of the stud ventured down south to take up residence.  Since then, due to differing environmental conditions and therefore management styles, the stud has been officially split in two.

Now we have Harold Park North (Coorow) managed by Charles and Shayne, and Harold Park South (Mayanup) managed by Harold and Helen with the help of Hayley and Clint.




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1105 Coorow-Green Head Road

Coorow WA 6515

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TEL: 08 9952 1052

E-MAIL: haroldparkdohne@bigpond.com

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