2021 Ram Sales


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Dohne breeders offer rams for sale that have Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) assessing important traits.  These traits influence the ram's ability to increase the performance and profitability of your flock.

Weight: Rams with a positive ASBV for bodyweight (WT) will produce lambs that grow faster and reach their target weights sooner.  A ram that has a WT of 4.4 will generally breed progeny that are genetically 2.2kg heavier than those of a ram with a WT ASBV of 0.0 (zero).       


Eye Muscle Depth: Rams with a higher ASBV for eye muscle depth (EMD) will produce lambs that have a higher lean meat yield.  A ram that has an EMD of 0.8 mm will breed progeny that genetically have a 0.4 mm deeper eye muscle area than a ram with an EMD ASBV of 0.0 (zero).

Fat: Rams with a lower fat depth (Fat) ASBV will produce lambs that are leaner at the same weight.  A ram with a negative Fat ASBV means that his progeny are leaner than those sired by a ram with a positive Fat ASBV.

CFW: Rams with a higher ASBV for clean fleece weight (CFW) will produce progeny that cut more wool.  A ram that has a CFW of 2.6kg will breed progeny that genetically cut 1.3kg more wool than progeny of a ram with a CFW ASBV of 0.0 (zero).         

FD:  Rams with a lower fibre diameter (FD) ASBV have finer wool.  A ram with an ASBV of -2.4 will breed progeny that are genetically 1.2 microns finer than those of a ram with a FD of 0.0.               

Dohne index value (high growth, maintain fleece): An index value is a summary of the sheep’s performance for measured traits.  A ram with a higher index value will breed progeny that have on average a large increse in meat production traits such as post weaning weight, muscle depth and reproduction, as well as a small increase in fat depth.  In addition, there will be a small gain in fleece weight while maintaining fibre diameter and staple strength.



As well as being graded by their index value, all Dohne rams are visually graded by independent Dohne assessor who provides a high quality consistent assessment of traits not covered by ASBV's. (E.g. structural soundness, wool quality assessment, fleece rot resistance, reproductive organs and pigmentation). 

As the ASBV's system is now used to rank the rams the grading system has been revised and simplified to 3 grades. 

R: Registered
UR: Unregistered
C: Cull